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You will finally find the place you were looking for! Dozens of luxury apartments and houses are waiting for you in the most incredible places in Canada and the United States. You can buy or sell a property with us, thanks to the vast network of brokers and professional contacts that Bray has created throughout his career.


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About Bray

He is not just another agent, he is your agent.

Bray Melnychuk is a licensed real estate agent with an incredible work ethic and dedication to his clients. He prides himself on his ability to consistently deliver an “Elevated Experience” to his clients as per his personal brand’s motto.

Bray was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta but resides and practices in Peterborough Ontario with his beautiful wife and daughter. Bray still maintains a healthy and professional relationship with his current and previous clients in Alberta and is regularly servicing them with all of their real estate needs as he is a licensed professional in BOTH provinces. He comes from a very professional and structured home, his mother is a middle school English teacher and author while his father is a project manager for an international engineering firm. Bray started a successful business in the service and entertainment industry while still maintaining his true passion for real estate which led him to a vast professional network all over North America, Central America, and Australia.

Bray’s athletic abilities gave him the opportunity to represent Canada Rugby from the early age of 16 until 23. He traveled the world playing the sport he loves most and was able to establish friendships that eventually turned into business partnerships. To this day he still is in communication with his international network of professionals.


Live well. Live lux


Provide world-class service and an elevated experience to his clients.

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A vast number of properties awaits

Quality and Luxury

Buying a new home is often the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. People want to be sure they’re buying the best of the best. They want luxury.

I know how hard it can be to find a home and all of the compromises you have to make. The costs, the size, the location, everything. I’ve got your back. I specialize in only elite homes in and around every major city in Canada and United States.

When you use this site for your next home purchase, you’ll have access only to luxury properties that meet your exact needs and wants – for both now and in the future

Do you know what your home is worth in today's market?

If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Homes are one of the most valuable assets people own, and it can be hard to know what yours is worth these days.

Use this site to see your property value and get the information you need to make an informed decision about selling or buying your next home.

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